My Flowerhorn experience

Having a flowerhorn pet is stress relieving. Seeing your flowerhorn with glowing colors, big KOK relieves your stress. Everyday,  I’m watching my flowerhorn observing if the KOK is getting bigger. I’m very frustrated how to make the KOK of a flowerhorn bigger,  actually this is the goal of  many of flowerhorn hobbyist. Since I’m very frustrated about this, I’m searching in the internet of ways to make the flowerhorn KOK’s big.

Right now, I have 3 FH(8 months old[7 inches],9 months old[6 inches] &  2 months old[2-3 inches]). The first flowerhorn I bought was a female(Just recently found ) and the seller said that it is a crossbreed of a hammer and GM FH. I put it in a 5 gallon tank(approximately), i just fed it with worms, making it grow very fast without enhancing its color and developing the KOK.

My friend said that I should feed it with a fish food called XO Humpy Head to make the KOK big.  I followed what he said, I fed it with XO Humpy Head for 1 month  but the KOK is not getting bigger just showing a little hump so I still fed it with worms. But when I went to the house of my friend, I saw his FH having a red color  and bigger hump than mine so from then I realized that I should fed my FH with  XO Humpy Head.After 5 months, the KOK is still not getting bigger so I searched on the internet how to make the KOK big. I found out that the main factor to make the KOK big is in the KOK genes. They said that an FH showing hump in 2-3 inch size has a great chance to make the KOK bigger but since my FH does’nt have that, I decided just to make the color of my FH red.




My FH(juvenile)

My 7 inches FH is my second FH. My brother bought it 1 month after I bought my HAMMERxGM. He said that it is a ZZ type, and I noticed that it shows redness when he bought it. I only have just 1 fish tank so I just put it in the fish pond together with the KOI’s not realizing that it is not good. It lived on the fish pond for 5 months feeding it with live worms the same with my HAMMERxGM making it grow very fast.

I bought a  30 gallon fish tank and and put my ZZ FH on it. And I have seen the color of my FH is pale, and I realize that it is the effect of feeding too much worm. Since then, I have decided not to feed it with live worms anymore. I just feed it with XO Humpy Head and after a month the color is getting brighter. I also observed that the hump is more visible. I searched in the internet and I have seen lots of beautiful FH with big KOK’s. After seeing those FH in the internet, I look at my FH and realize that I should make the KOK of my FH big and make its color glow. I researched in the internet on ways to make a flowerhorn KOK’s big. I found out that there are many factors in making the FH’s KOK big.

Here are some factors to make the KOK big as I have researched:

  • KOK gene – if your FH don’t have this, theres nothing you can do to make the KOK big.
  • Size of the fish tank – FH needs a wide space to swim. A fry needs a 15 gallon fish tank. A juvenile needs a 30 gallons fish tank. An adult needs a 70 gallon fish tank.
  • Food – You should choose a food that has atleast 35% protein.
  • Water quality – You should maintain the quality of the water so that the health of the fish is stable.